Clara Sofie - UNDERSTRØM

Clara Sofie has voice of a steal angel, musical character of a real Viking’s descendant and delicacy of a true woman. She shows it all on her new album titled “Understrøm”, released today, 2. September 2016.

As a foreigner, who doesn’t speak Danish, I must admit I adore how it sounds in singing. The moment Danes start sing, the language suddenly gets lighter, brighter and smoother. In Clara Sofie’s songs the additional element is – it gets more real. In a very hypnotizing way.

“Understrøm” contains 11 tracks, with lyrics written only in Danish. But if you think it will stop you from enjoying the music if you don’t speak Danish, you can’t be more wrong! The brilliance of Clara Sofie’s new album is that it stays open for anyone who wants to listen to it, no matter if the person knows Danish language or not.

Clara Sofie presents different types of atmosphere and vibe on “Understrøm”, she balances in between darkness and light, she flies up to gracefully go down. And it all feels… truly real. While listening to the album you don’t think about the structure of each composition or technicalities. When looking deeper, it can all be heard and it’s all there, but first impression is simply – “these songs happen to be on the album because the artist felt like it and stayed honest with herself”.  You can hear a women of strong character on the album, all the way through it.

One track comes out of the other in a totally natural way, nothing is forced here. That’s the beauty of “Understrøm”. Listening to it is like watching Clara Sofie without any make up or fancy clothes – and still – loving the view completely! No fake, empty gestures, no lies, no tricks – pure musical image of an artist, who has her own style, characteristic sound and clear view on what she wants to do.

Pop music can be truly beautiful and doesn’t need to be overwhelmingly glamorous. “Understrøm” proves that in a graceful way.

Listen to the new Clara Sofie album online, via different streaming platforms, including Spotify.

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