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When the members of Efterklang, who are also involved in radio project The Lake, decide to get together with creative people located in Berlin and organize a festival AND when it’s placed in one of the most vivid cities in Europe – you know it will be something interesting! The second edition of By the Lake Festival – taking place on the weekend of 06. and 07.08.2016 is definitely worth checking out. Not only because of the intriguing set up, but also because of the amazing Danish bands in the line-up.

Since the By the Lake e.V. was founded to organise various cultural projects in and around of Berlin-Weißensee, the festival takes place in this part of the city of course. The first day will take place at Freilichtbühne Weißensee, the second day at Strandbad Weißensee.

This year the audience in Berlin will be able to experience shows of 3 Danish bandsLiss, Selvhenter and Laid Back. We checked what others say about the artists and gathered different media voices about the 3 gems coming to Berlin next month. Check it out below and see you at By the Lake Festival 2016!


What kind of summer would it be without a solid dose of amazing quality pop tunes? Definitely a lame one! So thank god that there’s Liss.

“Combining experimental guitar pop with boyband sincerity, the Danish four-piece want to take you out on to a teen-filled dancefloor. (…) It all points to the fact that Liss are offering an odd, intriguing new take on the guitar band: skinheads and innocent smiles; their waistbands high, but the falsetto even higher.” (The Guardian)

“Whereas many of the country’s recent musical exports have been dark, gloomy and guitar-orientated (from the snarling gutter-punk of Iceage to Lust For Youth’s gothic tendencies), the music these newcomers make is far more linear. Brought up by parents who played them Stevie Wonder, Björk, Hendrix and Massive Attack on loop, they’re obsessed with the idea of soul in pop in 2015.” (NME)


Fresh, intriguing, twisted music anyone? A few minutes with Selvhenter and you will be in a completely different Universe!

“Wreaking destruction on musical idioms through their harsh approach to group composition, the Danish five-piece are the band you wish all those working under the banner of ‘heavy music’ were like” (The Quiet Us)

I imagine Selvhenter’s musical avantgardism as something warm. No matter how crazy it gets, the listener is always invited to take part in a physical and sweaty trance experience.” (

Laid Back

You know this band, you just might not know that you know them! Laid Back prove how musicians can develop and stay great throughout the years.

“Hit makers of the ‘80’s – Balearic duo Tim Stahl and John Guldberg formed Laid Back way back in the late ‘70s in their native Denmark. (…) Their debut album Laid Back featuring their first #1 hit “Maybe I’m Crazy” was released in 1981 followed by their international hit, 1982’s “Sunshine Reggae” which went to #1 in 22 countries including Germany and Italy and went on to sell 20 million units; the best was yet to come for the duo though.” (We Plug Good Music)

“The Danish band Laid Back made a song called “Sunshine Reggae” with a tropical-feel, and since then, most tropical styled reggae has been known as Sunshine Reggae.” (

06-07.08.2016 – Berlin: Freilichtbühne Weißensee and Strandbad Weißensee – Event on Facebook

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