Tiny Symmetry

If there’s one piece of work that cannot be missed this month, it’s Tiny Symmetry‘s debut single – the infectious, dark-infused electronic track “Nightmares”. I’m digging the nighttime-ready sound!

Let me introduce you to the brand new Danish music project Tiny Symmetry. The duo consists of two talented youngsters: just 20-year-old Sally Lykke Fabricius (vocals and keys) and one year older Andreas Larsen (keys, piano and human beatbox). They produce and mix electronic sounds with their remarkably organic style. In addition, they make use of an acoustic piano and human beatbox to add a unique ambience into their style.

If I had to imagine a perfect debut, it would consist of a fancy, memorable name, imaginative cover art and a mind-blowing premiere song. And Tiny Symmetry did it with passion too! “Nightmares” is a raging and experimental gem, and as its title suggests, it is not a fairy tale-like wedding song. The shadowy weirdness in the back of Sally’s textured vocals and then some killer vibes at the end display a super late-night-ready sound for everyone who likes nighttime journeys with steady nightmares on their headphones.

I expect this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Tiny Symmetry have to offer the world soon, and I advise to keep an eye out on this project.

Listen to “Nightmares” on SoundCloud and watch the video to it on YouTube.

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