EFTERKLANG - Cities of Glass

Yes, you see right – Efterklang is back with new music! And we couldn’t be more surprised, thrilled and excited about it!

The epic band decided to take a break in 2014 to reflect on their artistic practice and redefine their expression. They came up with the project Liima, but as it appears now – didn’t forget about Efterklang. Now the band states that both projects, Liima and Efterklang will be working on new music and playing shows alongside of each other. Which is great news for all music lovers – the double amount of creative, amazing sounds coming our way!

But let’s focus on the news about Efterklang coming back now.

Everybody who knows the band is aware that they never do anything random or ordinary. After taking their official break, they performed the opera “LEAVES – The Colour of Falling” in 2015 as part of Copenhagen Opera Festival. This experience returns in form of an album now, made in collaboration with composer Karsten Fundal (premiere: 4. November 2016). “Cities of Glass” is the opening number.

The 10 tracks of the release span about 1 hour and do not follow the traditional linear configuration of an opera. Karsten Fundal explains his thoughts on “LEAVES”:

“We wanted to break down the conventions of the opera as a genre. The result is a song cycle about a cult located beneath the ground while the earth might be experiencing its downfall above ground. It’s about loss – loss of identity, loss of love and loss of life itself. We wanted to create an opera for the mood you’re put in when you on a beautiful autumn day see how a brown leaf falls from a tree in the garden – the beautiful swaying fall signifying that everything will perish.” (press info)

“Cities of Glass” is a composition in Efterklang’s spirit, but gets combined with opera vocals a new dimension. From the delicate, joyful, fragile beginning it goes through a melodic bridge to its heavy, disturbing and overwhelming finish.

It’s somehow too much to take – the premiere of a new song, the big comeback of a huge band in such extraordinary set-up as only opera can provide. Listening to “Cities of Glass” for the first time feels like making a jump into the ocean from a cliff. Exciting, dangerous, releasing…

Make the jump with us – and with Efterklang – and listen to “Cities of Glass” on SoundCloud.

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