GreatDictators-RocketsBack when The Great Dictators released their debut album, we described their music as “melancholy in melodies or poetic pessimism; yet extremely soothing”. With “Rockets” from their latest album “Killers”, the Danish Americana band once again created a song that perfectly fits this characterization. We are stoked to be able to present the new video to “Rockets” as a Good because Danish premiere today!

Shot in one take, the gloomy and grainy video for “Rockets” focuses on lead singer Dragut Lugalzagosi who sings the at times almost terrifying lyrics in such becalming manner as if he’d hum a sweet little lullaby. The soothing, modest background tunes fit right into the concept.

The lyrics remind of some bittersweet borderline relationship and the creator could be anyone – a person tragically in love or a dictator, gently adressing a world in ruins. A schizophrenic character who’s trapped in his own mind.

Nothing is really unsettling about lines like “Don’t you worry, I’ll kill you before you’re born” though. And this feeling right there is the whole beauty of both song and video. We should be appalled – but we are not; Dragut is after all “still on our side”.

The Great Dictators will release their third album later this year and we cannot wait to listen to more dark Americana of this great band. Until we all get our hands on new material, listen to the soothing “Rockets” and watch the video to it on YouTube.

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