On 24. February, The Great Dictators finally released their debut album “Liars”. We did as suggested by the band itself, grabbed our headphones and listened to the recorded 43 minutes. The fantastic 43 minutes.

These minutes mostly consist of what could be described as melancholy in melodies or poetic pessimism; yet it is extremely soothing and you find traces of subtle, supportive optimism (the great “Wine” or “Dive”). Worth remarking is – besides outstanding songwriting and great lyrics – the creative use of intruments like banjo, singing saw or mandolin.

Songs like “Bombs in Heaven” remind both on musical and thematical level of some later works of The National. As fan of said band one might generally be a bit (positively) biased from the start: the voice of singer Dragut Lugalzagosi is quite reminiscent of the American band’s frontman Matt Berninger, since both voices swing on a similar, wonderful deep pitch. Lugalzagosi’s voice though seems even more capable of adding significant depth to the songs.

“Coming back in Style”, which we were already able to listen to the last couple of weeks, instantly turned into a favorite number and has been on repeat ever since. The other nine songs of “Liars” didn’t disappoint the slightest bit either and their total 43 minutes played several times in our headphones already.

By the high standard and quality the seven-piece combines within its art, The Great Dictators generally set the bar for Danish upcoming musicians very high:

“Liars” is a sign that there is still hope that Denmark can get new and great rockbands. The Great Dictators is one of them. (Lydtapet)

“Liars” on Spotify:

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