Swimmingpool - Dagene er korte

Spring has just knocked on our doors and brought brand new hopes, resolutions, longer sunny days and – what is the most important – a puff of some fresh Danish music. If you don’t know yet what to listen to in order to enjoy a day, we recommend you a song of the duo Swimmingpool – “Dagene er korte”.

Songwriter Jonas Villumsen and producer Troels Jørgensen started working together about eight years ago.

The beginnings of this collaboration were pretty exciting: “We used to record in old military barracks in Roskilde – the city we both grew up in – and the only gear we had in the studio, to begin with, was a very old PC, a completely worn out drum-kit and a synthesizer Troels had build himself”. Although in 2014 Jonas released his mini-album as solo artist (Troels was the producer), the two ended up with setting up a music project called Swimmingpool.

There are plenty of factors that inspire Swimmingpool, but as Jonas admits: “The producer Nigel Godrich is probably the most referred-to when we’re working. The albums he produced with artists as The Divine Comedy, Beck, Air, Atoms For Peace and – of course – Radiohead, has been of great inspiration to us”. However, Jonas and Troels want to explore the playground further, looking for new and delightful sounds that invite listeners to take part in this idyllic music world.

Their song “Dagene er korte” is actually this kind of invitation to basically start enjoying every moment because time passes so quickly that sometimes we don’t even notice that our lives slip away from us. Jonas adds: “This song is about a lot of things at the same time. One version is, that it’s a song describing the fight against getting wrapped up in every day life. A sort of protest against growing up, you could say …from the perspective of an adult”.

Our tips for you today are to catch a breath, listen to some good music and invite spring and a positive attitude to your daily routine in order not to regret anything.

In the meantime, we’re checking out Swimmingpool’s latest song “Prisme”, Jonas says: “It’s a song where I’m pretty damn proud of the lyrics. It’s about a garden party”.

Enjoy listening to all songs by Swimmingpool on SoundCloud.


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