It was sometime in the summer of 2012 that I first heard Linkoban, who passed away this month after a long fight against cancer.

I spent that summer in Copenhagen; it was my first step on the way to move there. I ran into “Like This”, her first single I believe, as part of my regular music hunt, which unsurprisingly focused on Danish artists at that time. “Like This” was sheer chaos. It was not easy to digest at first, but it possessed me almost immediately after with its uncompromising harsh-yet-high energy. And that is exactly Linkoban’s music: a primal soundscape of chaos and madness that makes sense if you just let it. Since I come from a land to which musicians I like never travel to, I often find myself buying concert tickets without thinking twice. But I never did get a chance to see Linkoban live. Through the vibes of her videos, music and appearance I can almost imagine what it would have felt like, and that is something I do not take for granted.

In November 2015 Linkoban released her last track, “Hide the Dirt”. Musically it felt a lot more delicate than her previous material. But when you listen to the lyrics it feels raw with power. And it’s hard not to feel optimistic as Ling calls, “Assemble your gun. Assemble your gut. Assemble your pain. Now take the shot!”. It seems she was pushing the present towards a brighter future until the very end.

Now we can only push her music so she’s not forgotten.

Thank you, Linkoban.

Guest Blogger: Barith Ball

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