photo by Sarah Hesselbo

Photo by Sarah Hesselbo

Ida Gard shows a whole new side of her music in the new single “Womb” and proves that every woman has many faces.

“Womb” is the first single and title track of Ida Gard’s upcoming third album. The song is written from a boy’s perspective and expresses the process of physically growing up. The music video, directed by Apperaat, aims to give an abstract image of what it would mean to create a human being in a masculine way. (press info)

Strong music line, strong vocals, strong message coming out of “Womb” – the best description of Ida Gard’s new single is simply: strong. In a female way. In an independent way. In a way that makes you listen to the song over and over again.

The guitar background of “Womb” gives the listener an idea of where Ida Gard is coming from. The singer-songwriter approach to music is still there, yet decorated with a more sophisticated production. However, Ida manages to stay herself. She doesn’t let anyone “shush” her. I always admire the fact, that the lyrics of her songs are so honest and straight-forward. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks in her music and that’s what makes Ida Gard so special. She is a strong woman. As “Womb” is a strong, yet feminine song (even though it’s a story told from a male perspective).

Something tells us that Ida Gard’s upcoming album will be a huge “wow” full of uncompromising material. We can’t wait to find out if we’re right.

For now you can listen to the preview of it – “Womb” – on SoundCloud and Spotify. And don’t miss the stunning video clip made by Danish Apperaat on YouTube.

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