Shy Shy Shy - Love Songs EP

Imagine this: you’re back in the Eighties, you’ve put on your favourite sequined dress (or t-shirt for the gentlemen) and just arrived in the club, about to enter the dance floor and put it on fire (I know you do). Of course, you are moving in slow motion. Everything you see is a bit blurry and yellowish, like there was some kind of smoke screen before your eyes, you know, like the image from old colour movies, at a time were HD didn’t exist. Some of you will remember. You start dancing (yes, still in slow motion) and your eyes meet the eyes of a beautiful stranger.

I don’t know about you, but at least this is where I was as I heard the first tones of “Soft & Hard”, the first song on Shy Shy Shy’s new EP “Love Songs”, released on 13. November.

You probably know this song already, since it was released at the beginning of October as the third single of the band after the ultra catchy “Do Not Ask” (released in September 2014), and the just as charming second single “In The Palm Of My Hand”. “Drive” and “Anymore” complete the list to form an excellent electro-pop EP that will just make you want to sing and dance all night long. And maybe even cry a bit.

As the name of the EP shows, all the five songs are about love and its different aspects: from the first sparks of love (“Do Not Ask”) to the life in a relationship (“In The Palm Of My Hand”), all the way up to the break up (“Soft & Hard”) and the time after it, be it positive (“Drive”), or negative (“Anymore”).

No doubt that everybody will feel concerned especially since the songs are sung by two singers, a man and a woman, sometimes in solo, sometimes together. The duo functions extremely well and is certainly what gives Shy Shy Shy its very unique identity. Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldgaard are Shy Shy Shy and besides singing, she plays the keyboard and he plays the guitar.

There is simply nothing we do not like about Shy Shy Shy’s debut EP and we are already asking for more! Click, listen on Spotify and get some love!

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