Lowly’s new video will probably leave you with a strange feeling, not really knowing what you should think. Seriously, how can something be so beautiful and so disgusting at the same time? But this is precisely why we love it!

Beautiful because of the music of course. “S.W.I.M.” is the second single from Lowly’s new EP “Sink Way Into Me” released on 30. October, and you can’t help but get caught up by their elegant and dreamy “noise pop”, as they call it, while the amazing voices of Nanna Schannong and Soffie Viemose will simply give you the chills from beginning to end. Beautiful also because of the quality of the images animated by William Reynish and Marie Boye. They tell the story of what should have been a festive meal – gastronomic banquet style with several courses, pink champagne and candles. The table and the appetizing food are presented in a series of close-ups, realised in a highly aesthetic way that reminds a bit of still-life paintings.

Disgusting because for some reasons the guests never come, the party never takes place and the food begins to rot, while at the same time being invaded by an army of worms and flies, transforming the fancy dinner into something that will totally spoil your appetite.

But hey, at least this time you have a good excuse for not eating your brussel sprouts!

Watch the video to “S.W.I.M” on YouTube and listen to Lowly’s EP “Sink Way Into Me” on Spotify.

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