photo by Elvira Glänte

Photo by Elvira Glänte

Electronic music (like all other kinds of music) has no expiration date.

You can come back to a track you love a million times and still enjoy what you hear. You can forget about it for months, even years, and suddenly remind yourself of it and come back to it at any time. Every now and then, we at Good because Danish come back to some older compositions from the DK electronic music scene and mix them with some fresher stuff. A sort of “mix and match” situation, you know.

This time we decided to share one of these collections with you in the form of a mellow mixtape, to sooth your souls.

Enjoy the 53 minutes of smooth, delicate electronic sounds, combined with more joyful tunes. We hope this mixtape will make you dream, fly with your thoughts far away from this crazy world and in the end… smile. At least a little bit. Because that’s what music (electronic music as well) should be for.

Listen to our Good because Danish Electronic Mixtape ’15 on MixCloud.

GbD ELECTRONIC MIXTAPE ’15 by Good because Danish on Mixcloud

1. The Gang OK – “Location 1”
2. Dragonborn feat. Coco – “Looking For Lovin” (Mr. Léman Deep Disco Edit)
3. AV AV AV – “Holla” (feat. Simon Jul)
4. Andre Tonelege – “Fyld Mig Med”
5. Mileva – “Magi Mileva”
6. Tomas Barfod – “Only Human” (feat. CHLLNGR)
7. POSTKRT – “Ain’t No Dancer”
8. Rodfast – “Belle Ville” (feat. Tyra)
9. Leman & Dieckmann – “Takes Two” (feat. MS O)
10. CHINAH – “Away From Me” (Michah Remix)
11. Kúra – “Gógó” (Lulu Rouge Remix)
12. WHYTE – “LDN”

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