The Ball And The Wall - So good live session

The one man project of Copenhagen-based Noah Rosanes – hiding behind the moniker The Ball And The Wall  brought us a stunning little EP back in May 2015 and we are taking a closer look into it now, because of a wonderful, stripped down live session made for one of the songs.

On the EP “Standing On My Own” we can find two great songs and two great collaborations. The title track was recorded with Ida Wenøe and the second one, “So Good”, features Clara Sofie‘s vocals.

The lovely, uplifting “Standing On My Own” is a great interlude to what comes next on The Ball And The Wall’s EP: the electro-pop gem “So Good”. The song has great potential, which The Ball And The Wall used in the stripped down live session with Clara Sofie.

The beautiful video clip shows a completely different face of the song, more melancholic, more loaded with emotions and closer to the listener in a way. Clara Sofie has something of Florence Welch in herself. The same fragileness and power mixed together in a dance with extreme inner emotions that Clara lets out by singing.

The video session to “So Good” is a true gem with which The Ball And The Wall shows that his music has many layers and is more than just pop. There are real feelings in it. Let yourself dive into them.

Watch the video session to “So Good” on YouTube. We hope it’s not the last one from The Ball And The Wall!

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