Nanna Cathrine - In The Air EP

An almost empty stage, a microphone and a guitar – occasionally there are those artists that don’t need more than this minimal set up. Those are the times when you ask yourself why you haven’t heard about this certain person before. This happened to me when pushing the play-button for Nanna Cathrine’s debut EP “In The Air”.

From the first moment of listening to her soft voice and quiet tones you feel that her music is real, it is honest and definitely a part of herself. With her songs – and it doesn’t really matter if you start with the title songIn The Air or tracks like “What I Need” or “My Friend”she seems to give us a piece of herself. She lets us be part of her feelings and we can participate in some special moments of her life.

When listening to her lyrics you are not only observing, but you believe and trust her and you start to feel close. Close to her, but at the same time also close to yourself because she makes your mind wandering through your own life, just as she travels around her own thoughts when singing.

This proximity she creates still doesn’t mean that you only see her and her feelings or will feel exactly what she had felt. Nanna Cathrine rather explains that it often happens that people see totally different stories behind her lyrics – but she likes it, as it shows how one song can touch people in many different ways. And this is what music should be about.

If this makes you curious to hear more about this extraordinary Danish singer-songwriter, don’t miss out on listening to Nanna Cathrine’s EP “In The Air” on Spotify, SoundCloud or her website.

Or, if you are in Denmark you might be lucky to see her and her band live on stage in Aarhus on 4. November or in Copenhagen on 7. November.

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