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The Ja Ja Ja showcases started in London, so it’s no surprise that the home-based events drag a lot of attention and constantly deliver Nordic music discoveries of the highest level. After the kick-off evening for the new showcase season with Danish gem CHINAH, London’s music lovers will be able to see another spectacular upcoming act from the Danish music scene on 29. October. Who will that be?

The one and only Kill J – one of Good because Danish’s favorites! She will take over the stage along with two other acts of the night – Swedish MAASAI and Norwegian Loveless. Kill J recently released the single “You’re Good But I’m Better” and stole the hearts of many with that one.

“Just like Ann Cole on Got My Mojo Workin’ in 1956, Denmark’s Kill J somehow bring blood rushing empowerment to an unrequited love/lust song about being left, er, high and dry. (…) It’s beautifully simple, calm and furious all at once, bubbling with this heroically righteous sense of anger.” (Ja Ja Ja Music)

If a music expert like Jon Hilcock (Amazing Radio, BBC Radio 6) says that about the song, you simply know it’s good. Just as good as Kill J is live. Beautiful, calm and furious all at once, powerful, intense, but also… fun! 

Check out her concert during the October edition of the Ja Ja Ja Nights in London. To get into the right mood before the show, don’t forget to listen to Kill J’s new single “You’re Good But I’m Better”:

Ja Ja Ja London
feat. Kill J, Loveless (NO) and MAASAI (SE)
29.10.2015 – London: The Lexington – Event on Facebook

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