Ida Wenoe - Time Of Ghosts album

“Copenhagen, central station, twenty minutes past some time. Among beggers, thieves and travellers, finally I’m alone” – these are the first words we hear Ida Wenøe sing on her debut album “Time Of Ghosts”, released (for now only in Scandinavia) on 4. September 2015.

These verses of the opening song “Changes Of Seasons” make a great description of the whole record. Ida Wenøe created a lovely, slightly melancholic little universe, a space for herself to be alone with her thoughts. On the album she let some of these thoughts out – for herself and for the listener. That way she also made an intimate space for us as the receivers of the music, to close ourselves off with the music and our own thoughts.

Does that make sense? Maybe it will when you listen to the songs and the lyrics.

You can recognize some of the songs from the album, like the title song “Time Of Ghosts”, “Death Wish (of Nicholas Urfe)” or the heart-melting ballad “Limbo Man” (one of my personal favorites). They fit perfectly with the rest of the record. Gentle violin sounds here and there, guitar as the base of every composition and Ida’s vocals fulfilling the space in between sounds with vibrant energy and melancholy. Ida Wenøe’s music is intoxicating. Her voice has the character and the songs combine an extreme feminine delicacy and fragility with a message to stay strong and move on.

For some reason, the melancholic songs on “Time Of Ghosts” leave me with the feeling of comfort. And with the energy to never give up in life. Especially because of the last song, sung in Danish – “Underligt Forlegen” – which is like a leaf falling down on the calm surface of a lake. It’s so peaceful, so sweet and innocent, yet somehow also sad. As life is. And we go through it experiencing bitter-sweet moments. But the sad parts don’t stop us from moving on.

I think that’s what the debut album by Ida Wenøe is about.

Listen to “Time Of Ghosts” on Spotify and buy it via iTunes (available for users from Scandinavia only). While waiting for it to be released worldwide, we remind you of the wonderful video to the title song “Time Of Ghosts”.

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