Select Captain - Pure Neon EP

You have surely heard us mentioning him beforethe singer-songwriter Kristian Gaarskjær. But maybe Select Captain sounds more familiar? That’s his alter-ego and also creator of the album “The Fear and The Lights” that he debuted with last September. This spring, Select Captain has re-entered the spotlight with his new EP “Pure Neon”. Haven’t heard it yet? Luckily we have!

Even though many of Select Captain’s influences trace back to the American songwriting tradition, the typical yet personal sounds of Scandinavia and Denmark are very much present throughout the whole EP. Naturally you may sometimes wonder how the “Danishness” could be relevant in relation to an artist’s or band’s music. But sometimes, there is no doubt – it shines right through.

It is clear that Select Captain sticks to his musical path, but there is also a new touch to the sound of this EP. The track “Morning” introduces us to the EP and is a bit more of a catchy tune than what we have heard before, while “Here we stand (and nothing ever changes)” and “Adamantine” are showing Select Captain as most country-influenced. But when we reach the title track of the EP, “Pure Neon”, we find a track that captures all what we already know – and obviously appreciate with our melancholy – about emotional Danish singer/songwriters; music that is catchy yet gloomy, melancholy with the feeling of familiarity. It makes the music compelling and almost comforting. Like a friend, whose shoulder you could lean on, and who would tell you that everything is gonna be fine.

It is a very satisfying thought, that music could generate those kinds of emotions. And that is what makes us love it, isn’t it?

You can find the EP “Pure Neon” on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes.

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