Select Captain - The Fear and The Lights

There is something in Danish singer-songwriters that makes them special, I think. It’s this amazing ability to create music that pierce right through you with its melancholy. Select Captain knows how to do it as well. You can hear it on his debut album “The Fear and The Lights”.

Kristian Gaarskjær (who also plays in the DK rock band Gonzo Morales) went a more acoustic way with his solo project Select Captain and we like the final effect he reached on the debut LP, released on 22. September 2014. There are echoes of the American country music and a lot of melancholia in the 12 compositions from “The Fear and The Lights”. This combination, used many times by many musicians, once again works really well in here. You won’t find any spectacular discoveries or surprises on this record, but a solid dose of soothing, acoustic music and deep vocals which somehow remind me either of Dave Gahan on his solo record or… Kurt Cobain.

From the first to the last song of the debut album, Select Captain charms the listener with his sad, melancholic music. The kind of sadness locked in “Death”, “Fear” or “What We Endear” really is a blessing. There are a few exceptions from the “melancholy-rule” on the album. For example “Days”, a perfect track when you’re driving a car, and the very country-like “On The Right Track”. This song kind of wakes you up and reminds you that there is an outside world. It’s even a bit annoying to be hit with such joyful music all of a sudden. Especially after hearing compositions like the single “All Too Hard” or the touching “Lights”

“Nobody ever sings like you anymore” – sings Select Captain in one of the songs. If you missed quiet, peaceful, sad music, if you’re longing for simple, melancholic compositions, Kristian Gaarskjær will actually sing them all for you in a great way – just play his record!

Find the album “The Fear and The Lights” on Spotify, buy its digital version via iTunes or the physical copy via Select Captain’s online shop.

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