SANTIAGO – No More Songs About The Moon

Santiago - No More Songs About The Moon ALBUM

“No More Songs About the Moon” is the first album of Copenhagen-based band Santiago.

Santiago are Jakob Andersen, Toke Andersson Dalsgaard, Jesper Overmark Rasmussen, Janus Weinreich Boss and Mathias Elkjær, who define their music as indie-folk/Americana. Santiago already released their debut EP back in 2012, called “Everybody Knows I’m Haunted”. Now, 2 years later, the band finally came out with their first album.

Highlights of the album for me are the first single from the album – “Paranoia”, but also “New Year” and “Suburban Romance”. With “Paranoia” the band shows that they can create a great combination of indie-folk, country and solid rock tunes. “Suburban Romance” is an eight-minutes “romance”, which got me right away – caught myself listening to it on repeat.

The whole album itself gives us exactly what we expect from this guys: they are back to the roots of folk/country without sounding old-fashioned, proving that Santiago is really a unique band in the present Danish music scene.

P.S. I’m in love with the voice of Mathias :)

Go and listen to it yourself as well over on Spotify (available only in Scandinavia for now, except of the single “Paranoia” which you can listen to worldwide).