“As the title indicates, the theme is about recognizing your sexuality in a young age and the difficulties that can follow” – say Kadie Elder about their new video clip to the song “First Time He Kissed A Boy”. The topic could be somewhat controversial, yet the director managed to put it into very elegant frames, which makes us actually reflect about the struggles mentioned above.

The video directed by Elias Munk is a motion picture that uses details to create a very natural picture of the boys’ (and girls’) struggles in their teenage time. Youth ain’t easy and the choices we make then aren’t easy to make either – the clip seems to say – but if you are brave enough and stand up for yourself, you might shock, but you might also become happy.

“First Time He Kissed A Boy” – both the song and the video – fit into the discussion that tries to answer one aspect of the question: what is the male sexuality nowadays? I will keep my opinion to myself, but will definitely recommend you to check out how Elias Munk sees the topic and visualized it in the video clip to Kadie Elder’s new single.

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