“Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be” is the recent album of Danish alternative-folk band HARMONICS and it’s delivering what it’s promising!

Their current track called “Pledge” just came up with the official video and once again HARMONICS show their unique talent for high-quality storytelling. This quality is created by a pure simplicity of the video and two story lines, which are ultimately melting to a single plot at the end of the video.

In the first location of “Pledge” – a bar – we are facing on the one side a male protagonist, who gives a quite depressing and pathetic impression to his surroundings. On the other side, a young and optimistic couple start their night walk to a public swimming pool, secretly followed by our first protagonist. Before the lonely fellow escaped into the night with his bicycle, the video ends in the disappearing of the couple and some flashbacks of the evenings.

Woah, that’s some heavy stuff for interpretation. According to the title of HARMONICS’ debut album “Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be” and the title of their song “Pledge” – which can be translated as “promise” – the story strongly emphasizes the past of all actors and gets back to some inner conflicts of the protagonist.

The music of HARMONICS perfectly matches the atmosphere of the video – a mixture of sadness and optimism, a variety of soothing voices and confident underlining of e-guitars.

You should definitely check out some other videos as well (e.g. “Reflections of a man”) to understand the great style of HARMONICS and to find some good music for the upcoming season!

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