GAFFA Prisen 2014

Once a year since 1991, Danish Music Industry experiences a pre-Christmas surprise in form of the annual GAFFA Awards, which are initiated by the well-known Danish music magazine GAFFA.

On 4. December 2014 the awards ceremony will take place at Bremen Teater in Copenhagen and we are happy to announce some of our beloved favourite artists as nominees for the total number of 18 (yeah, e-i-g-h-t-e-e-n-!) categories.

After last year’s GAFFA Awards was dominated by artists like Danish Dynamite MØ, Mads Langer (who are of course among the nominees again) and international stars of the superlative like Daft Punk or Justin Timberlake, we can’t wait for the people’s decision in less than a month! Good because Danish regulars like Nelson Can and Blaue Blume are taking part in this competition along with other promising Wunderkinders like The White Album, Cancer or Get Your Gun. We clearly couldn’t decide who to give the awards to…

But wait, there is some more sugar waiting for you! Cutie pies The Asteroid Galaxy Tour, Tina Dickow, Denmark’s rappy ray of hope Emil Stabil and many more will make sure this evening will last in our memories for a long time with their incredible live performances.

You can (and should!) buy your ticket for this evening and check out the categories online on (in Danish only).

For those who do not understand anything at all, here are some impressions of GAFFA-Prisen 2013:

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