FJER – Beautiful Home

Fjer - Beautiful Home EP

A few months ago we presented you a new video by Fjer. It was the clip to her song “Children” which was promoting her forthcoming EP “Beautiful Home”. We’re so excited that the EP is finally out!

The release is a concept project based on the artist’s stay in New York. She was then boarding in a Brooklyn brownstone house, owned by a 90-year old woman. This building inspired her to create a portrait of a home and five stories that tell about chaos, love and loss. All behind the walls of the house.

The “Beautiful Home” EP builds a peaceful but at the same time melancholic atmosphere. The tracks match the mesmerizing vocals of Maja with beautiful sounds of strings and piano. The melodies are also enriched by the household sounds and noises, what more easily creates an image of the house in the listeners’ minds.

Take the tour of the “Beautiful Home” and get your own copy. You can stream/buy it at Bandcamp, iTunes or Spotify.