The White Album - The Quiet Strum

Alright, alright: Usually I don’t listen to folk-rock at all. Maybe it’s because of that annoying girl’s hype about Mumford & Sons a couple of years ago. Maybe it’s because I always think about violin-playing and straw-chewing hillbillies when folk comes to my mind. I don’t really know, but anyway: we should try to avoid judging a book by its cover in this case!

Three beardy, big lumberjack guys from good ole´ Copenhagen – who look like someone you don’t want to meet in a lonesome alley at night – are supposed to be heartily musicians? Hell yeah!

The debut album “The Quiet Strum” by Danish folk/alternative band The White Album is definitely worth listening and hopefully a successful follower of their 2012 mini EP “Conquistador”.

The 11 songs on their new record are a brilliant compilation of dreamy and melancholic stuff but also dominated by the warm voices of the band members and good friends Claus Arvad, Frederik Vedersø and Jakob Eilsø. Especially “Guns and Ammunition” and “Feed It To the Children” have a good chance to become regular guests on radio and shown again the effective songwriting of production of clear, straight in the face songs without any ambiguities.

Until then The White Album is going to present their temporary masterpiece live on tour in Denmark in October and November. So try to catch them on stage and celebrating the revival of folk.

Check their Facebook profile for upcoming dates, listen to “The Quiet Strum” on Spotify or buy the album via iTunes.

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