schultzandforever-broadcastdynamicsThere are only a few people in this world who make me jealous about something. One of them is probably Copenhagen-based Jonathan Schultz, creative puppet master of Danish music project Schultz and Forever. He is only 19(!) years old and just released his new EP “Broadcast Dynamics” on Monday, 20. October 2014.

Even though “Broadcast Dynamics” is not his first peep in music industry after his debut EP “Odd Stories” in 2011 and second coup “Céline” from 2013, you can definitely expect a positive continuation for his future career.

Schultz and Forever already gave an first impression of his new EP a couple weeks ago with the official video to “Silvia” and in the same breath, the certainty that he is ready for new influences. Of course the album emphasizes his image of a blue, moony and brooding individual with an unique and nasal voice and an empty stare. For me it seems to be an huge advantage for an artist in this early stage of his career to be confident enough and willing to stay loyal to himself.

All the more I’m really surprised about some tracks on the new record: “At Times” as a fast, more energetic song, “Make Up Your Mind” offers a great musical contradiction to Jonathan Schultz’ lyrics. “P.O.V.”, the very first insight he allowed us into “Broadcast Dynamics” some months ago, reminds me of tarantinoesque elements of Pulp Fiction and “Silvia” is another proof that the EP is the perfect soundtrack for rainy autumn days or time travels back to crazy times between puberty and adolescence.

Stream the whole “Broadcast Dynamics” on Spotify, buy it on iTunes and Amazon or get it on beautiful vinyl HERE.

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