photo by Florian Lerbs
Some concerts are not only an event or amusement, but more of an unique experience.

In case of Copenhagen-based all-rounders Reptile Youth – almost top dogs in Danish music collective – it was all of it. Usually the band members Mads and Esben are switching chameleon-like through different styles and genres, from rock to indie and back to softer electronic influences. But last Thursday in Kolding they had a mission and their mission was “Rock the audience”!

They proved this with almost epileptical-like dance moves, a furious show full of instrumental soli and the ultimate evidence of their quality by hearing the perfect sound of Mads’ voice and interplay of all instruments (thanks to the venue Godset and their wonderful equipment!). Additionally, they presented a various performance of different rainbow-colored light elements combined with strobe effects and stunned everyone with their confident presence and intimate interactions with the audience. Did I say intimate? Well, I actually meant Mads’ dangerous jump into the crowd and his crazy dancing on the shoulders and backs of some surprised guys. Really intimate indeed.

Even though the concert was not that well-attended as I expected (due to another concert of Danish newcomers Cancer this evening, I guess), nobody in the crowd could avoid shaking their heads and hips to the intoxicating music (shout outs to the fan girls in first row!).

At the very end Reptile Youth encouraged the crowd to loose it by playing “Black Swan Born White” and “Speeddance”. Mission completed!

Luckily Reptile Youth is not a typical One Hit Wonder and it is even harder to pigeonhole them. There are some rumors about a little time-out of live concerts, but hopefully we will hear some new stuff by these guys in the nearer future.

Until then you should keep an eye on them and check their Facebook regularly!

photo by Florian Lerbs

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