Put together The Arctic Monkeys’ scratchy rock’n’roll style, The Rapture’s raw vibe, a noisy and pop-punk’ish soundscape and a pinch of uncontrollable craziness, and you’ll get PBSM – Pitch Black Spinney Machine. With the two songs from their SoundCloud“All Your Lies” and “Swedish Eyes” – the band marks their presence on the Danish alternative rock music scene strongly and with a kick off!

PBSM started as a songwriting – and recording project running for 1,5 years between Berlin and Copenhagen. Now the band is situated in Southern Copenhagen . The core of the band consist of Lauritz Carlsen (vox, guitars) and David Tholander (bass, drummachine) and the live-format is an untraditional power duo played through 2 guitar amps, 2 bass amps and 1 german analog drum machine. (…) On September 12th the band released their first single – the 7″ vinyl “Swedish Eyes”.”

There is a kind of exciting rush in PBSM’s music. The constant need to move forward… no, wait: to RUN forward, as fast as they can. Never stop, never look back, never fear anything besides boredom and ordinariness. With the two songs of PBSM you don’t have to worry that this last mentioned feeling will catch you. The adrenaline locked in “All Your Lies” and “Swedish Eyes” works like a dose of very strong coffee in the morning. Your eyes get wide open. The same with your ears: they open up for more!

We hope to hear that “more” soon! In the meantime check out the two songs of Pitch Black Spinney Machine on their SoundCloud and give the band your like on Facebook.

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