A couple of days ago I proudly presented you the new song “Stones In The Water” by Danish synth-pop ensemble Lowly. Just because I don’t like doing things by halves I also want to share their official video with you which they recently released.

Luckily I was not wrong about my first impression of “a journey into mysterious nature”, because the video is the perfect implementation of my expectations.

Lowly is working with a lot of contrasts in “Stones in the Water”. The location is a common-or-garden forest beside we are facing a bunch of rouged, secluded woodlander with a tendency for climbing on trees and wearing multicolored clothes and flowers in their hair. The quite peaceful atmosphere is contradicted by the flogging music and the constant changes of images. These colorful images are repeatedly vanishing in a blue cloud of smoke and uncovering a more darkly side of the scenery at the end of the video. Almost everything takes place in broad daylight, but only the name-giving and shining stone acts as a fingerpost back to good old reality.

Seems a little bit confusing, but actually the song and video are like chalk and cheese and it is a pleasure to get into this kind of world for at least 3 minutes.

All credits for the more cinematic attitude of “Stones in the Water” – compared to their former video “Daydreamers” – belong to really talented directors William Reynish, Marie Boye Thomsen & Kristian Nordentoft.

The only question is: What’s the true meaning of the stone? Maybe it’s a metaphor for something familiar in daily life. Maybe not. Check out the official video of “Stones in the Water” above and find your own answers.

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