Artwork by Paul Murphy

Artwork by Paul Murphy

If you are following our blog you have already heard about VINTERTUR‘s “Project 2014”. Concept of the project is to release a new song each month of the year – along with a new video and artwork created especially for the music.

September’s song is called “The New” for which the artwork was created by the Northern Irish photographer Paul Murphy, while the amazing video comes from the Hungarian video director Péter Szabó.

Hearing that the video was made by an Hungarian director made me as Hungarian a little proud of course, so I thought I will get in touch with him to get a little extra information about the video.

Peter told me that the band gave him total freedom for the concept: he first presented them the synopsis for the video and as they were satisfied with it, he could immediately start making it. He was sure that it should be an “experimental” video which is based on the interaction of body, nature and graphics. He wanted to recreate the tension of the eletronical effects with pictures – this is how he came to the idea of a girl trying to get out of a box: while the song is moving on she is desperately trying to get out, but at the end she is giving up and comes to terms with her situation.

If you want to learn more about Péter Szabó and his work, check out his website.

Find “The New” on YouTube, SoundCloud or Spotify. The whole collection of VINTERTUR’s “Project 2014″ you can find on the band’s tumblr.

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