white ocean - Haze

If you miss the sound of the songs played on the old jukebox, the second album from white ocean – “Haze” – will bring back the memories for you.

The Copenhagen-based band released “Haze” on the 25. August 2014, but the album sounds like it was recorded in honor of the 60’s or 70’s. There is some kind of a very special atmosphere in each of the songs. The unique kind of melancholia and the taste of the old times. I can’t explain why, but it’s very attractive!

The opening track – “Bad” – already shows that white ocean don’t care about what’s hyped these days and what’s not. The old fashioned style is what they stick to and it’s one of the biggest advantages of “Haze”.

The music is a mix of rock, blues, a bit of folk and acoustic sounds. Sometimes it all sounds really familiar and has a very strong The Beatles vibe (“I Watched It With You”), sometimes the songs change into more raw compositions, where the vocals rules over the instruments (title track “Haze”).

white ocean’s second album closes a lot of different emotions and states of mind within its songs. From an atmosphere of tension and danger in “Bad” (I picture myself a dark, smoky bar and a bunch of disturbing-looking guys when I hear the song), through the delicate joy in “Emotion”, to the calmness and peace of “Leaves” (in which the guitar line reminds me of Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You”). However, the whole album creates a well-thought whole.

There is some kind of magic in “Haze”; white ocean created a record which has the power to take us back to the past. It’s not a boring trip to everything that had been done in music already, it’s a refreshing travel through different inspiring sounds and ways of delivering the music to the listeners.

Give “Haze” a listen and let yourself go on the slightly melancholic ride with white ocean.

You can stream “Haze” on Spotify and buy the digital version of the album via iTunes.

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