The Gang OK - Boy Solider

graphic by Emil Rahbech

Sometimes I think that my brain is a machinery powered by music. When the song is good, its energy moves the “cogs” inside my head and I can function then. If you also consider yourself a “music robot”, the new The Gang OK song “Boy Soldier” will be your fuel for a long time after the first listen.

The Aarhus-based electronic collective The Gang OK amazed Good because Danish with their first release “Location 1”. After that anything new from those guys was something cool and fresh. It’s the same with “Boy Soldier”, released about a week ago.

The new song is like a well-working machinery. With the characteristic beat, that marks the uniqueness of The Gang OK, “Boy Soldier” creates an a bit dark and disturbing atmosphere, but it’s also (paradoxically) a very relaxing tune. The electronic music, that should be (and is) danceable, is enriched with a piece of interesting lyrics (read them in the song’s description on SoundCloud). However, the biggest power of the song is its strong, pulsing core, which you can especially hear in the end of the composition. It has to make you move, there’s no other way. I, as the music-robot powered by the good tunes, can’t stop bouncing!

So far, so good, The Gang OK, keep up the good work guys! We’re waiting for more from you!

Listen to “Boy Soldier” on SoundCloud and give The Gang OK your like on Facebook.

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