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Just like there are always two sides of a coin, there can also be two sides of a song. We realized it within Good because Danish’s team when we heard the new SLOWOLF song “Horsey” (feat. Benny Banks). We listened to it and then: some of us hated it, some of us fell in love. So we decided to share both of our opinions with you, to show you how we hear the two sides of the song:

AGNES: I was too excited to hear that producer Andreas Asingh aka SLOWOLF is releasing his new EP called “Bounty” on 26. May. From this EP comes also the single “Horsey”, featuring one of London’s hottest young rappers, Benny Banks.

When I heard the song for the first time, I though it might be a mistake here – this is not SLOWOLF what I am listening to. I was looking forward to hear the same catchy top line melody and vocals like in “See you in my dreams” or in “Bullets In The Sky”.

What I got instead is something completly different, the song goes more into hiphop and rap. Something, that we could already hear in “Dance Floor” (feat. Raekwon). Maybe it is just me, but I prefer the “good old” SLOWOLF better than this new, somehow futuristic hiphop/rap direction.

ARLETTA: SLOWOLF charmed me with “See you in my dreams” – but then I must admit, I forgot about him. So when I saw that he was back with a new song, I was super excited. I pressed play and my first reaction “WTF is this?!” quicky changed into “this is f***king awesome!” (a lot of cursing here, sorry).

The broken beat first drives you crazy and annoys the hell out of you, but then suddenly you can’t turn “Horsey” off. The trashy style and vibe of saying “I don’t care what you think, I just want to do my thing” are really nicely combined with vocals.

SLOWOLF’s more hip-hop and “dirty” face speaks great to me. I like that he wasn’t afraid to make some major changes and to experiment. The song brings something totally unexpected. I like how it irritates me in a super addictive way. “Horsey” makes things interesting when it comes to the new SLOWOLF EP…

You can stream “Horsey” on SoundCloud, Spotify or buy the song on iTunes.

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