Lovespeed - Comet Colored CityI press play and – a thousand associations! They are so folkish in such a cool way in this one! They sound somehow, kind of, in a way like a veeeeeery quiet echo of Kelly Family now… Really? (sorry guys, it’s positively meant!) Woah, check out this song intro! Mona or Imagine Dragons could take them on tour because of it!

Then the end of the Lovespeed album “Comet Colored City” comes, I take a deep breath, play it again and try to put my thoughts into any kind of order… not an easy task. Why? Because the debut LP from this Danish project simply bursts with energy in every song. You just want to jump and dance around through all of the 11 tracks. Ok, maybe through half of them. Some are more calm, but still – there’s a very nice vibe.

“Comet Colored City”, released yesterday (22. April 2014), is simply a really sweet and cute album (if you can even say such things about an album). The songs are combined in a way that forces you to subconsciously write a screenplay around them.

Maybe Lovespeed doesn’t shock with their music, maybe they don’t follow the trends of nowadays going into the direction of electronic music, dreamy sounds or weird experiments. And maybe that’s the best thing of their debut album – that they don’t do any of the things mentioned.

In my personal little chronicle of musical discoveries, the Lovespeed record is kind of like Mumford & Sons’ debut album. When I first heard it, it reminded me that the simple idea of music based on the pure sound of instruments can still be so charming. After “Sigh No More”, “Comet Colored City” is another proof for it.

You can stream “Comet Colored City” on Spotify and buy the digital version of the album on iTunes.

psst… check out “Back and Forth” – outstanding track!

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