Lucy Love - Desperate Days of Dynamite BLOG

“Just one more step and them I’m gone, just one more second and I’m done, just one more” – sings Lucy Love in the opening number of her album “Desperate Days of Dynamite” from 2013. And she gives us a lot more seconds of great pop-electro music on the record!

“Desperate Days of Dynamite” is an AWESOME album that was somehow hidden from our ears until this month. But once it reached them, it conquered the dancing Universe of ours!

Lucy Love’s music is powerful, it doesn’t agree on compromises, it can be shocking, annoying (which, suprisingly, is a good thing!), but also can help to release the stress and frustration that we all hide inside sometimes.

Great for the dancefloor (“Surrender”, “Take Me Back” and “Prison” – with this special 90’s beat that we all know so well and miss so much, even if we don’t admit it), with moments of “dancing resignation” (“Getting Loud”, “V”) and a pinch of gangsta style (“Powerless”) – “Desperate Days of Dynamite” is a dynamite really!

If you need to really get things out of your system – Lucy Love will show you how with my personal favorite from the record – “No Scream & Shout”. Just turn it on loud and sing with her “I don’t care what they say, I’m gonna do it anyway!”.

Give “Desperate Days of Dynamite” a listen and don’t be afraid to bounce along with it. This album confirms the theory: “Work hard. Play hard. No drama”!

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