One week to Christmas, yet another give-away for you! While we are usually hunting for presents we can make our loved ones, we should not forget to also spoil ourselves a little bit from time to time… so, what about taking part in today’s contest and winning a signed (!) copy of Echo Me’s self-titled debut album just for yourself?

Jesper Madsen is the sympathetic songwriter behind his project Echo Me. He started writing songs with 10 and began by “borrowing” lyrics from artists he found in his parents’ collection. The name Echo Me stands for the similarity between the songwriter and his music: the songs are echoes of his personality and his thoughts, the sound an echo of his own taste and ideals. After playing numerous concerts all over the globe as wandering bard and releasing a triple EP together with Nelson Can and The Freudian Slip, the self-titled debut album finally saw the light of day in 2012. With the help of a loyal fan base, friends and a crowdfunding project, Echo Me collected the financial means to record and produce his second full length album which is now ready to be released in early 2014. We cannot wait for it and are extremly looking forward to hear the new songs!

This is how you enter today’s Christmas contest:

Write a mail with the subject “Christmas Countdown: Echo Me” to and tell us what you wish yourself for Christmas! Don’t forget to also include your address into the mail. Deadline is 27 December 2013.

Listen to the single “Left From The Fire” and have look into the take of it during one of the great Out In The North sessions:


[Please be aware that we will first be able to send out the prizes of our Christmas Countdown in late December, early January. ]

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