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A band that’s the reason for Good because Danish to start played their show in Poland, in Warsaw on Tuesday 6th of November during the birthday party for a radio EskaROCK. 

The words you’ll read here won’t be a review or a report from this show. They will be an ode. Yes. They will be 100% biased collection of words of admiration. Because there are bands – and in my case Turboweekend is one of them – that you love with your whole heart, that are very special to you and you never have enough of saying how great they are ;) But no worries, there won’t be much to read actually… 

When your beloved band is coming to your country to play a show and when they give SUCH a show – words are unnecessary. 

First there was a heart-melting live session in radio EskaROCK studio.

Than a concert in Warsaw venue – Stodoła and “Trouble Is” played not once – but twice! This is the second time, after that there was an encore out of this planet! 

Without any doubts – Turboweekend is now one of best live Danish bands! 

After such a show the only thing I can say is – thank you Turboweekend. And thanks to a men that discovered Turboweekend for Poland and made them come to Warsaw to play on Tuesday.

HERE (in Polish) you can see what (mentioned above) Marcin Bisiorek from radio EskaROCK wrote about Turboweekend (as well as about some other stuff). 

Fingers crossed for Turboweekend come back to Poland in 2013 – and I tell you – when they come back – just GO to their concert, no matter what! 

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