Lately, everything seems to be upside down in the world. No summer festivals for music lovers, the nasty pandemic that doesn’t want to slow down, the general chaos wherever we look… In uncertain times, I have a habit. I listen to music, and I usually search for songs which mix sadness, melancholy with at least a little bit of hope.

In the past few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time getting lost in the four songs below. They are not the most cheerful compositions, but weirdly soothing in their own, very Danish way.

When I listen to these, I’m reminded what music is all about—the intimate connection between the artist and the listener. Each of us interprets a song in our own way, while being able to change the perception based on our mood and experiences. A truly inspiring artist can create songs which are both personal and universal.

These days I listen to…

KOM VI LØBER – Hendes Ansigt

Danish lyrics always feel special, but KOM VI LØBER‘s “Hendes Ansigt” (eng. “Her Face”) is another level. The noisy guitars and subtle but powerful drums carry the vocals like a forceful horse carries a rider into a battle. There is something comforting and secretive in this song. It  evokes a feeling of running away from something, as well as trying to reach something. “Hendes Ansigt” is full of contradictions which come together in a brilliant combo.

Liva Mo – Grief

Liva Mo is one of our great discoveries. Melancholic songs with a hint of comfort is a recurring theme in Danish music, and “Grief” is a lovely example. It makes me think of a foggy Sunday morning somewhere in Denmark’s wilderness, in the early days of autumn. Despite it still being summer, I keep coming back to “Grief”. Perhaps, because it fits the weird mood we are collectively going through. Liva Mo reminds us in her song, that some things, like death, will happen no matter what.

HAAB – Gravel Pit

Another song which perhaps fits the autumn better than summer, but for some reason can’t leave my head these days is Haab‘s “Gravel Pit“. The dreamy vocals with a touch of sadness help to find some peace of mind. This song is like a kaleidoscope. Depending on your mood, it shapes into  the sea before a storm, a quiet empty field covered in snow, or a foggy morning in a deep forest. You can feel a certain secrecy and darkness in the pictures it paints, but they are also majestic and remind you that some things are bigger than us, humankind.

Simone Tang – Vera

Simone Tang is a fairly new name in the Danish music scene, but she has already made a great impression on me. She went back to the roots of the singer/songwriter genre in “Vera“, where her soft vocals are accompanied by a simple guitar sound. The minimalism of the arrangement gives the song an intimate vibe, as if you are sitting on a porch with Simone Tang. It is just you and her, listening to “Vera” under a summer sun. Finally a song that matches the season in this playlist!

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