You probably know the song that was released some time ago and can be streamed on Radio P3 website. Now you can see the video clip to it. Turboweekend shared the clip to “On My Side” today. What’s is all about? You can read at the description of the video or here below :)

“On My Side” is a single from Turboweekends forthcoming third album “Fault Lines” (premiere: 25.06.2012).

“To kick off the new album we wanted to do something fun. Something that was live, and perhaps a little bit out of our hands. So we invited a small film crew, a handful of fans in blacksuits, a guy called Allan with some UV paint, and a bag of confetti into our rehearsal space in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, for a mini concert.

The event was recorded and streamed live on our website April 25th at 8pm, and ‘On My Side’ was the last of 3 songs that we played. We had one chance to get it right, a lot of things could have gone wrong, but they didn’t and that’s why you can hear the cheer at the end :)”

Track taken from Turboweekends forthcoming album Fault Lines. Out June 25th.

Concept & Direction: Jacob Olsen & Morten Køie
Camera 1: Theis Mortensen
Camera 2: Anders
Camera 3: Christian
Additional recordings on phones: Amalie, Amanda, Isabella, Nina Simone, Nikolai, Pernille, Louise, Julie, Lærke, Fie, Laura and her friend whose name we never got.
Cutter: Anders Jon
Grading: Søren Lund
Streaming tech: Peter Mark
Production: Spoiled productions / DDB”

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