Deep breath and… after Spot Festival 2012 DAY 1… day 2 came. It’s Saturday morning. Well… to that “morning” maybe, because 11:15 is closer to noon. Aarhus is sunny and windy (the wind makes it sooooooo cold, but that’s ok). People are gathering around at the V58 yard. They’re sitting down on big pillows, drinking beer and enjoying the light and nice music. Spot DAYPARTY. It is “day” and it is a “party”. It’s also lovely. Who’s playing?

The Eclectic Moniker

It all starts very summer-style, even tropical you may say, with The Eclectic Moniker concert. Joyful, super light sounds, bongos, guitars and relax floating from the music makes the audience dream about Tenerife. Wonderful performance.

Schultz & Forever
My number 1 and the biggest discovery of Spot Festival 2012Jonathan Schultz with his band Schultz and Forever – also showed up at Spot Dayparty. Guitar playing amazed me once again during daytime. Even more than their show at Radar the day before (something about it to read HERE). The highlight – a song with a very unexpected and funny (in a way) lyrics. It started like a love song: “For you I’ll do, I’ll do, I’ll do……….”  – surprise – “nothing at all”. Smile on my face (and not only mine).

The show of Cody was hipnotyzing. You can dive into their music, melt down, disappear in it… The atmosphere of the picnic and a sunny day went behind some kind of musical mist, when the first sounds from Cody had started. These Danes have a special skill – even though they play for a crowd, you feel like they were playing only for you. That’s how I felt during their gig at Spot Dayparty.

The New Spring
After a brilliant concert by Cody, where there were many people “on stage” and many instruments, suddenly it got empty. Only a chair, the microphone and him with the guitar. Him – which was the Dane playing as The New Spring. He charmed the audience of Spot Dayparty by himself. By simple melodies combined with unusual voice and by playing his music with huge dose of humility and sense.The New Spring really creat the atmosphere of spring in the air. Delicate, a bit shy spring.
Ulige Numre

At the end of Spot Dayparty there was a strong Danish accent. I was very curious if Ulige Numre are so good live as I have heard. The answer was short and satisfactory – they are. Great. Really. Live version of “Kobenhavn” was stunning. It’s a big word, but suitable. Stunning. Retro-style at its best – I want more!

Before everybody went to experience some other Spot Festival concerts, there was a situation I didn’t quite understand. A little boy came to the “stage” and Danish peole started clapping their hands and singing somethig. Later I found out that right next to the venue where Spot Dayparty was taking place, there was some kind of a reception because of that boy baptism (?). So the organizators of the event were keep on asking people “to behave”. And at the end they invited the boy to come and celebrated with him. Super-sweet ending of super-nice event at V58.
After Spot Dayparty concerts I were in holiday-mood and just wanted to lay on the grass in one of the beautiful parks of Aarhus. But more concerts were waiting to see them. Saturday at Spot Festival was amazing, especially because of the night shows… but I’ll write about it some place elese a bit later.

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