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Musikhuset. Lille Sal. That’s where Spot Festival 2012 NAKED project concerts took place twice – on Friday and on Saturday. Four Danish singers: Ane Trolle, Silas Bjerregaard (Turboweekend), Clara Sofie and Johan Olsen (Magtens Korridorer) and Swedish pianist: Gustaf Ljunggren. Magic.

Everyone from the four singers of NAKED project performed four of their own compositions. But all of them were re-arranged for a piano by Gustaf Ljunggren. A piano and a microphone. Nothing more. Because with there magnificent voices – there was nothing more needed to create amazing atmosphere. Brilliant musician and brilliant voices.

I have to warn you that this post will be mostly about one from the four artists of NAKED. About the one that simply knocked my on my shoulders (if this the expression). If you visit Good, because Danish, you probably already knows which one was it… :)

The show started from a performance by Ane Trolle that was truly wonderful. She sang her songs with a little hint of swing and a lot of free joy.

Than Silas Bjerregaard from Turboweekend came on stage.

Again, I write this: if you visit Good, because Danish from time to time, you shouldn’t be amazed by the fact that this was the performance I was looking forward the most. And it was worth the wait! The beginning was a little bit funny. The moment Silas Bjerregaard showed up on stage the audience gave him a big applause and one of the girls screamed “please, marry me!”. The singer got blushed a bit, said politely “good evning” and started to sing.

First there was “Trouble Is”. It sounded perfectly. Without any more comments – I just want you to listen to this version HERE. Long huge applouse from the audience was well deserved.

But a highlight and the moment that melt my heart, was the new Turboweekend song, with the most touching lyrics. “I Forgot” made the Lille Sal of Musikhuset kind of empty for couple of minutes. “My roof should be your roof, your floor should be my floor, why is it not, tell me I forgot”…

After Silas Bjerregaard performance it was hard for me to focus on another two artists that took part in the NAKED project. Third one was Clara Sofie
Really (like… REALLY) tall Dane came to the microphone where the Turboweekend vocalist was singing a minute ago and… she needed to put it much high which made her, as well as the audience, smile. Clara Sofie was singing in Danish (despite Ane Trolle and Silas Bjerregaard).

Same as Johan Olsen from a rock band Magtens Korridorer. His rough, strong voice mixed with the piano sounds in an interesting way. Especially the last song was very moving. Johan Olsen practically put his heart on the plate in that one. He was singing with such a rending voice that it made me shivering. I didn’t undestand the lyrics, but it had to be a song about unhappy love…

During all performanceGustaf Ljunggren was playing the piano. His work was tremendous. He was staying in the shadow all the time, almost hidden behind the instrument. He was simply playing beautiful tones and smiling from time to time. He brought up the essence of each song by his arrangements.

Each of the musicians that took part in the NAKED project presents a different style. The piano united them, although it didn’t took the uniqeness and expessiveness of their music – that’s a huge merit of Gustafowi Ljunggrenowi (bravo!).

The minuse of the fact that SPOT Festival takes place in Denmark is that… well, everybody speaks in Danish. I mean – that is the minuse for me, the girl who doesn’t speak a word in this language (I know, it’s funny that I run a blog about Danish music…). I figured that painful thing during NAKED concert. Each of the vocalist was telling stories about songs… or they were telling some other things (which I didn’t understand). I have to learn Danish…

After the NAKED project show one thought came to my mind: it’s good to remind yourself that the band you love is not only great musically, but also – lirycally. When there are no other sounds in the background except the piano you can focus on the words more and appreciate them. 

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