DANOIR – Netflix & Chill

Denoir - Netflix and chill

If you haven’t noticed already – summer is ON! Along with it, there are so many options of what to do to chill out and relax. One of them is presented to you in the new single from duo Danoir – “Netflix & Chill”.

The duo Danoir – Ida Skriver and Mikael Wolfson – makes music which is light, fresh and honest. What more to want from a soundtrack to a perfect summer? The biggest power of “Netflix & Chill” is that the song really makes you want to do just that – turn on your favorite tv series or a movie on Netflix and… chill! :) It’s as simple as that. That simplicity of the song and its message creates a very warm, blissful feeling in the listener.

“”Netflix & Chill” is a song you can sing along to. That’s important to us. It’s a story about waking up after a spontaneous night out and having that special feeling, that you just wanna stay home in bed all day. It’s a simple text that we gave the twist of the implied concept of “Netflix & Chill” – it’s fun and it’s something you can relate to.” – says Ida.

It’s very refreshing to listen to a song, which just sounds good. Simple, charming, real. Which pictures a simple story, maybe a trivial one. But sweet like summer wine…

Listen to “Netflix & Chill” by Danoir on YouTube.