M.I.L.K. – Following the Sun (SILVESTER remix)

MILK - Following the Sun (SILVESTER Remix)

Summer is not over yet and Danish musicians have no intention of taking a break. On the contrary: we’re still being delivered with brand new hits and their remixes.

Silvester, the Danish trio known for their smooth single “Oceans”, has recently remade M.I.L.K.‘s smashing hit that you might have heard on one of the many Danish music festivals such as Roskilde or Trailerpark Festival. “Following the Sun” is bursting with positive energy and bouncing sounds in itself, but why not make a remix and add some refreshing beats that can be listened to on repeat alongside the original version? Silvester’s interpretation of the song definitely keeps its sunny spirit, combined with the trio’s wanderlust aura. Could it be better?

Two Danish talents in one song – this means only one thing: a good piece of music that must be followed by everyone who’s still enjoying the spell of summer.

You can listen to the remix both on SoundCloud and Spotify.