XOLO ISLAND – Wanna Know Who You Are

This video has been out over a year already, but I just saw it this week, after getting seriously crazy about the danceable, joyful songs from duo Xolo Island (you gotta like music with powerful trumpets solos, am I right?!).

While the song “Wanna Know Who You Are” is a truly awesome track to have fun with, the music video directed by Simone Astrid Pedersen makes you wonder and ask questions that (most likely) will stay without answers.

Are they making a bit fun of 90’s boy-band video clips with their clumsy routine? Should I be disturbed by the girl juggling with what appears to be the heart of a living being? What does the cross on the belly of pregnant woman mean? Why does the couple bite each other? And the most important question of all: where can I buy such awesome purple glitter?!?!?

The vivid video fits the energetic song of Xolo Island and perfectly balances on a thin line between challenging art and disturbing disgust.

Watch it on YouTube.