O/RIOH – I/ve Seen You Before

Sometimes all you need to get moved is a simple image. There is something so beautiful and touching in O/RIOH‘s new video clip to “I/ve Seen You Before”, that we really got charmed by it from the very first second.

The video, directed by Katrine Brocks (whom you might know from some Bottled In England songs), shows the less joyful and happy side of being a teenager or a child, but also – a very spiritual one in a way. Kids can be cruel and make other kids feel unwelcome and as outsiders. This is a story of such an outsider and her fight against the exclusion. A story that is moving, outraging, disturbing. You want to hug the girl who seems to be unwanted, you want to shout and scream at the others. However, you fear for them at the same time, because the outsider girl seems to be unpredictable.

The video clip to “I/ve Seen You Before”, with it’s clear, yet sometimes mysterious images, fits the music perfectly. O/RIOH‘s world is like a somewhat sad fairytale, where you laugh through tears. And I think the swimming pool surrounding isn’t by chance. O/RIOH could be a mermaid princess in the underwater world.

Watch the video to “I/ve Seen You Before” on YouTube.