ØNSKEØEN – Ordinary Fingerprints

Oenskeoen-OrdinaryFingerprintsSeptember is almost over, which means we still owe you Ønskeøen‘s song for this month. The track is called “Ordinary Fingerprints” and it’s the fifth single of the Danish supergroup. The band with members from CODY, The Rumour Said Fire, Sleep Party People and From Sarah came up with the concept of releasing a new song each month together with a video.

“Ordinary Fingerprints” is pure melancoly, the perfect soundtrack for an autumn day. With each new song that the guys are releasing, we can see more and more what direction they take with their music. Music is their playground and their sound seems like the perfect mixture of indie, shoegaze and dreampop, sometimes with psychedelic elements.

In the video for their September single we can see two girls partying at home, dancing, having shots, playing with tarot cards, …and the day after.

Find “Ordinary Fingerprints” on Spotify and check out the corresponding video below: