Fejø Kammermusikfestival: 17-20.07.2014 Fejø


Good because Danish is all about… well, Danish music of course. We try to cover as many different genres and as many different events as possible. It’s a great pleasure for us to introduce you to an event happening in Denmark, totally dedicated to classical music. Our guest writer, Michał, who was able to participate in the lovely Kammermusikfestival in Fejø, is sharing his impressions:

On the 18. July 2014, I visited the classical music festival (Kammermusikfestivalen) in Fejø – a little, cosy island on the southern coast of Denmark. The event took place in a former barn in the Healing Garden. People sat on stairs, old chairs or just on the floor enjoying music with birds singing just outside the barn. The salty wind played too, bringing the smell of flowers and herbs. Nothing was well-thought-out, but that was the spontaneity which made this social arrangement even more interesting for me.

In particular, the informal way of playing classical music with no artificial pathos; and the fact that there were no suits or beautiful evening dresses. Impossible to describe in a few words, but that was really a unique experience because of the great ambience, contact with people where everyone was close to each other and the great dinner after it on top of a hill in the summer sun. Artists played with passion, in such a short distance from the audience that we literally could reach them. Something we will all remember in the wintertime.

You can find photos from Fejø Kammermusikfestival on the official website of the event.

Fajoe Festival -1

Guest Blogger: Michał Jankowski