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Dear October, you’re starting very well music-wise! If all new releases from Danish music industry this month will be as interesting as the new Shy Shy Shy single “Sober” (which we have a privilege to premiere for you today), we will be truly pleased at Good because Danish.

The duo Shy Shy Shy is one of the bands we have a soft spot for in our Good because Danish hearts since their first releases. With the new song, they prove that their style is still fresh and unique. “Sober” has a bit more beat to it and a bit more twist, showing how Shy Shy Shy didn’t stop searching for the freshness in their compositions. The single has this special vibe which makes it different, yet familiar. 

It immediately catches the listener’s attention with a playful beginning. Then the interleaved vocals of Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldgaard create a cosy, laid-back atmosphere. However, “Sober”, somewhere underneath the surface of the easy-going melody, shows slight craziness. It is also present to some extent in the lyrics – the question “why do I have to get sober?” shows the desire to stay in the state of freedom and the time of huge possibilities. 

The Shy Shy Shy duo makes songs which can seem just pleasing and nice (which is nothing bad!), but underneath that, they often send a message and reflect the wondering about deeper stuff. They just use simple situations and common states in people’s lives to build the stories on. “Sober” is a great example of that. 

On top of it all, the new single is definitely euphonious, with soft beat, matching vocals and a general casual vibe. 

Mathias Winther Kjeldsen made an equally relaxed video clip to the song, which fits the atmosphere of “Sober” – kind of blurry, on the border of reality and illusion. 

“Sober” tells us about a feeling which I think every person experienced at some point in life – the feeling of rebellion against being “a grown-up”, obeying to the world’s standards and rules of life. Once in a while, we want to escape that or stay in the phase of blissfuly ignoring the reality and that’s when the question comes up “why do I have to get sober?”

Check out the new Shy Shy Shy single “Sober” and the video clip and we hope you will be able to move your feet (even if it will be only a little, under your desk, because you’re at the “grown-up” job ;) ).

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