Line Bogh - Like fire, like fire

Autumn is around the corner and it means that the summerish playlists need to be replaced with some new tunes. The danceable beats can be substituted by a bit more thoughtful tracks, that are suitable for a calm weekend, supporting us on a cup of tea or – well, why not as well – a glass of wine.

Many of our Danish favourites will come up with new music during autumn. One of the first ones and maybe most suitable though is Line Bøgh. Her long anticipated album “Like fire, like fire” has been launched on the 15. September 2017. But it is not only her album this time. As her songs are usually very image-rich and full of stories that encourage your brain to develop visuals when listening to them, she used the chance to accompany each of her songs with a visual art.

The art pieces have been developed together with Christian Gundloft and they are at the same time matching very well the themes of the songs and also very personal. They show a lot of different sides of Line and make her connection to the dedicated song very visible.

We were happy enough to present these visuals over the last 10 days and introduce you to one song including accompanying art each day (see the visuals on Good because Danish Instagram).


For us at Good because Danish, “Like fire, like fire” is definitely a very matching soundtrack for autumn. So get comfortable and start listening to “Yellow Moon” that tells a “January love story from the streets of Copenhagen” as Line explains. Or learn more about fear in “Out of Air”. Matching for autumn, but also for a lot of families, is the song “What we need is more sunshine”. The more dreamy ones of you will definitely like “Airplanes”, a song which Line wrote when she was “Looking at airplanes and pretending that it would be her on her way to another part of the world”.

Does this sound like the right music for the upcoming more quiet and calmer days? We think so! If you want to find out for yourself, then get comfy and have a listen to Line Bøgh’s new album “Like fire, like fire”!

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