We love to be the first one presenting wonderful, beautiful gems to you on Good because Danish. Therefore, we are truly thrilled to host a very special premiere today on the bloga debut single from fresh new band MALMØ – “You”.

MALMØ is a musical project formed around Maria Malmø, who’s beautiful vocals you can admire in the first single. Coming from Danish Aarhus (not Swedish Malmø :) ), the band will release debut album in autumn 2017 and today we get a first teaser of the sound.

It’s a very special one, as Maria Malmø explains:

“You” is for that special person in my life, that in spite of all gray days and emotional turbulence remains my anchor through it all.

I wrote the song in northern India in the Himalayas – right on the edge of Tibet among majestic mountains. It is written on a carillon, since that a ukulele, one kalimba, and two shakers were all I brought to write. Every day, at the exact same time, two giant golden eagles would fly above our house. And one day right after the eagles’ wings were out of sight, this song happened.”

“You” is a perfect music relaxer and has a lot of calm. Which is sometimes so needed after a crazy day or long week. The song itself is like that special person in your life, that special (music) friend/lover/family member, who will give a hug in a tough time, hold your hand in sickness, catch you when you fall.

The soft sound of music is a perfect background for delicate vocals of Maria. The mix of dreamy atmosphere, folk/acoustic vibes, a subtle melancholy that is so characteristic of Danish music – all this combined creates a song that will stay with you for a long time. Because it is a musical shelter. Because there is so much security that there is this special person in singers life, so there must be (or will be) one in ours as well…

We got charmed by the gentle, minimalistic music background and calm vocals of “You” from the very first listen. We bet that you will be charmed as well!

Listen to the song from MALMØ band on SoundCloud and keep an eye on them this year!

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