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Christmas time is here, everybody! This year Good because Danish wants to celebrate it by giving a little inside look into what Danish artists love about this time of the year. We asked a bunch of lovely musicians to finish five sentences for us, so you can find out what their favourite things about Christmas are!

The hosts for the second part of our “5 shots (of Christmas schnapps)-series are Anna Lidell and Henrik Marstal, who together create the duo marstal:lidell. We were able to see them play twice in 2015, both times during our Good because Danish showcases. Now we also got a chance to find out a bit more about marstal:lidell’s Christmas favorites – check them out below!

The best thing about Christmas…

A “Julefrokost” we will never forget was when we played our first concert a few days before Christmas in front of 50 people in the smallest room possible. Everything was new and it had a sense of magic even though we didn’t have much experience playing together, and afterwards people hummed our tunes for the rest of the evening.

If we could be Santa Claus for one night, we would give everybody room and time to dream and help them find their inner visions.

Our biggest wish for 2016 is to find out how Cocteau Twins actually made their bass sound …

Last but not least: our favorite Christmas song is Pretenders’ “2000 Miles”, expressing the love to someone you miss. “Two thousand miles // Is very far through the snow // I’ll think of you // Wherever you go”.

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